The paradox of lockdown

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Many of us seem to believe that we are working less, that we should be more relaxed. In reality and as many of my clients report, the opposite is the case.

We have lost our personal space, our home and nest because it has been invaded by home offices and schooling. Whilst it appears that our life has been placed on hold, it is still fast paced. Now, more than ever, it is important that we are able to be absorbed in an activity or a moment without a sense of urgency or the need to think about doing multiple other things.

I’m asking you what could be the object or focus of such an activity?

It could be breathing or walking it could be drinking a coffee or having a shower. As you notice already there is no magic in the technique, no need to get proficient in meditation in order to create a space where you are not chased by the many pressures of lockdown life.

All of these can be done by using the following method.

Firstly, focus on one specific element of your activity. When you’re walking bring your attention to the sensation of your feet touching the ground. When you are drinking a cup of coffee notice all the different taste sensations one sip gives you. When you are breathing notice the breath moving your body. When you are having a shower notice where the drops of water touch your body.

Secondly, focus on the changes that occur during your chosen activity. When walking, you could notice whether your feet feel different. When drinking a cup of coffee, you could notice whether the temperature changes whilst drinking. When you are breathing notice whether the length of your breath changes across the exercise. When you were having a shower notice whether the sensation of the warm water changes how your body feels.

Thirdly, notice when you feel ready to bring your attention back to the outside world. Ease yourself gently. Remember that you can always go back into this exercise to help you to experience the present moment, without the sense of urgency to attend to multiple things.

Stay safe and take care of your mental wellbeing

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