“So pleased! Lots of work has come from your magazine.”
Susan Bevan Lady Gardens & Designs

“A big thank you to Emma for creating such a fabulous community directory, & to all the people who have called and booked me..”
Heidi Brown The Gardening Lady

“Congratulations on reaching your 100th edition… You have an amazing ability to translate my thoughts into great ads that our clients love and judging by the response your readers do too! … a huge thank you”
ambers beauty studio

“Boxmoor Direct has been a big part of my success!”
Lorna Pullman Foot Health First

“Why Emma & Boxmoor Direct? Great creative vision & a personal service. The only directory you need to keep on your coffee table. Thanks Emma once again. Happy 100th.”
Tim Barton, Barton Corporation

“Local news and features are essential if we are to feel connected to the place in which we live. Boxmoor Direct is always an interesting read and has a wealth of information on local businesses. I congratulate Boxmoor Direct on reaching its 100th edition – clearly you are getting it right!”
Mike Penning

“Fantastic! It’s loved by everyone… keep up the good work!”
Georgina Lane, Pour Elle

“Very many congratulations on your 100th Edition from Boxmoor Parish (St. John’s, St. Francis’ and St. Stephen’s). You have done a wonderful job in producing the Directory which is both informative and interesting. You have always been very supportive of local concerns”
Jean Garner

“Emma glues our local community together, she has been so supportive of Boxmoor Hall and our business, long may Boxmoor Direct continue ”
Sally Ilsley, Boxmoor Hall

“Boxmoor Direct plays an important role in the local community and is a great resource for the Box Moor Trust.”
Box Moor Trust

“Emma Has done a Great job in bringing together reputable and reliable trades and small businesses for the local community of Boxmoor.”
Carl Britton, Britton Roofing

“I would like to thank you for allowing me to place my advert with you as I am currently receiving more calls from the Boxmoor Directory than I am from the big telephone directories … and business is on the up at last!

I would gladly endorse your directory at a moments notice and would also go so far as to say that your directory(s) should be an example to all areas that local advertising for local people works… simple as that!.

Especially if it is presented well, like your directories are.. and that works for both the advertisers and for the readers, as folks will always tend to keep a well presented directory or pamphlet than they would a less well presented one, if you get me!”  Adey@GTS, Gibbs Technical Services

” I am a local lady who avidly reads the BD & have to say your publication is far more interesting & regular than the Herald!! I love it & would like to commend you on your publication. I have used since its lauch used many of the services advertised, Rejuvenate, Mansfield Bakers, Honey Pot Waxing, Emma James & last moth Oven Clean – I have to say all of these companies & services have been excellent. I love the publication & the fact that it supports local businesses is fantastic.

As it is such a local & useful advertising tool I would like to suggest that you perhaps think about launching a personal ads section, where customers are able to announce all the usual, births, marriages, deaths, celebrations etc – as mentioned I can not tell you when the last time I received the paper in this area & have given up calling into the Herald office to complain…I also think this would be a roaring success due to the fact that your publication is is local & therefore it would have greater sentiment to those of us lucky enough to receive the BD – I think its fab! ”  Annie

” I just wanted to let you know that your recipes in the February Boxmoor Direct were much appreciated. Our two grandchildren, Tom, aged 12 and Alice, aged 10, stayed with us over half term and we all had great fun mixing, cooking and tossing the pancakes, none of which I’m happy to say went on the floor or the ceiling!

Today we all joined in making the Chow Mein and enjoyed that very much too.

Your monthly magazine is a great asset for Boxmoor and around, full of interest, friendly, and with local knowledge which brings us all together. Keep up your good work.  With best wishes”

” Just want to say a big thank you for your comment in your ‘March’ Issue about your computer crashing. The Boxmoor directory was the first thing I grabbed when mine did the same thing last week! I had remembered your comment on the opening page about your hero on a white horse, and luckily found the right issue in my magazine rack (so glad I didn’t throw it away when the new one arrived) He arrived on Saturday morning, and brought it back in full working order the next morning, after undergoing major surgery! Luckily I too have not lost any work, and am forever grateful. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family, and have already done so!  Thanks again. ” Melinda

“As Boxmoor residents my wife and I wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you on the Boxmoor Directory. Each issue has improved on the previous one, and we now look forward to them. You have established a very happy style and great layout and production quality. As I compile and publish a nationally distributed newsletter myself, I am always critical – but you have done well.”  Lance