“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. ”

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(Earl Nightingale, 12.03.1921 – 25.03.1989)

… and that’s how it started.

In the end we also travelled with three gazebos, a tuba, a flute, four guitars, two keyboards, amplifying equipment, a splendid rainbow coloured mini-baton, and enough food and drink for three days. (I could fill this magazine with memories and highlights, but will try to get across an impression in 400 words and six photos.)

At 9.30 on September 3rd, 30 set sail for ‘Ludlow II’. It had been 3 years since our last tour, also to Ludlow, in July 2018. Some had toured before and for some it was their first experience, but the excitement and anticipation of a whole weekend devoted to music and good company was palpable.

We arrived at Upper Onibury Cottages with little time to unpack and refresh before our first rehearsal at 5, but our amazing singing chefs, Cecilia and Simon Wright, had pre-prepared supper. It just needed re-heating, so it was soon on the table – delicious and most welcome. Despite the rather gloomy weather we managed to stay outside, though some resorted to blankets and duvet coats and even a wild swimming robe.

Saturday was BBQ night, again cooked by the Wrights, followed by a ‘jam session’ with some of our musicians, too many to mention here, but notable for an impromptu piano duet by Rufus Frowde and Judi Kelly who read the score from an iPad, resulting in a few page turning mishaps, and a heartfelt rendition by Doug Forster of the touching Flanders & Swann original, ‘Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud’, with lively audience participation.

By Sunday the weather elves finally cooperated. The day dawned warm and sunny and stayed warm well into the evening. We were joined by the members of the Ludlow Male Voice choir, old friends from 2018. We each performed a short set followed by a round including all our guests taught by Rufus

Our audience included a surprise guest, Emma this magazine’s editor who just happened to be in the area with her husband Chris and son Jack. Great to put a face to the name.

And that was that. As promised, a weekend full of music and laughter and so much more.

To put the cherry on the cake, the day after we got back, we held our first in-person rehearsal since Spring 2020!

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