Hemel sisters launch student clothes swapping app, Dopplle

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What is Dopplle?

University students, Izzie and Sam, are sisters from Hemel Hempstead currently promoting sustainable fashion in the form of a clothes swapping app called Dopplle. They have designed it with students at universities and colleges around the UK in mind to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle, whilst living on a student budget. The current generation of students are very passionate about sustainability and the fashion industry is currently the second biggest polluter in the world, with over 206 tonnes of UK textile waste going to landfill each year. Whilst all students want to look good, it is now possible to do this on a budget by adopting someone else’s unwanted clothes and giving them a new home.

Dopplle was originally born from Izzie and Sam’s desire to swap clothes with their nearby friends, but when they moved to university, they both initially struggled to find friends who had similar body shapes and styles that they could swap clothes with! Dopplle wants students to arrive at university and college with a tool to allow them to swap clothes easily straight away. The Dopplle app brings people together in a known environment by using the university and college com­munities as the centre of trading within the app.


What can parents do to help?

We want parents to encourage their children to find space in their bag for the clothes they no longer need or want. We believe that even 10 items of clothing, particularly tops, skirts and trousers, can easily fit into their total travelling space. Armed with these clothes, students will be able to instantly connect with other students and start swapping using the Dopplle app which can be downloaded onto both Apple and Android phones.

“We believe young people are becoming more educated on the impacts of fast fashion and want to help the environment. Swapping the unwanted contents of their wardrobe is an easy way to start!” says co-founder Sam, who is currently studying to be a vet at the University of Nottingham.

Don’t just swap it, Dopplle it!

Visit our website for more information

www.dopplle.com      hello@dopplle.com


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