Low Maintenance Gardening


Ask anyone who looks after a garden if they would like a high-maintenance outdoor space and the answer will almost…

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Iced Mocha Tray Bake


Coffee and chocolate are the perfect combination in this simple all-in-one tray bake recipe. Makes…

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Cream Teas in the Sunshine

This year’s summer cream tea event was held in the garden of the Chair of Boxmoor Good Neighbours, Spencer Bunce. The cream tea was prepared by…

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DENS Foodbank celebrates feeding the 40,000 and a special birthday


This September marks a very special occasion for DENS as the charity’s Foodbank celebrates its 10th anniversary. Run in partnership with The Trussell Trust, DENS’ Foodbank offers a vital lifeline for local vulnerable individuals and families facing food poverty. Throughout the 10-year period since the Foodbank first opened its doors in Hemel Hempstead, DENS have fed a staggering 40,000 people, of which 16,000 were children. The total amount of food donated by the people of Dacorum weighs in at over half a million kilogrammes. This equates to the weight of 45 double decker buses! Wendy Lewington, DENS CEO says: “It’s…