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Acceptable Formats

We can accept adverts in most formats but some are better than others:

**BEST** PDF - If possible high resolution and CMYK

**BEST** JPEG - High resolution

MS Word

MS Publisher




Logos and Pictures

Logos and pictures should be 300dpi. If you are not sure then please attach the images seperately - ensuring it is the best copy you have, preferably in the original format.
NB. If you copy the picture from your website you will find the image too poor for print and looks very blurred.

Scanning documents: This is an option, whilst it does lose a little of the quality, in most cases is perfectly acceptable. 


Nothing to really be worried about but also not as easy as you think. Sometimes you may notice slight variations in colour from the image you are viewing on your screen to the actual printed out version. The reason being is that the colour you view on your computer monitor is made up of different colours to those used by a printing press. Printers use 4 colours - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black - CMYK Colours you view on your computer are made up of just 3 colours Red, Green and Blue - RGB.

If you must have a specific colour for your advert then please include the CMYK codes and send a hard copy in the post.


It is the advertiser’s responsibility to acquire any necessary permissions for the use of any images, logos, photos, trade logos, clip art or any other content that is used in their advert/editorial/article/any other content. All adverts are accepted by Boxmoor Direct on the understanding that they are copyright free.

Where Boxmoor Direct has created your advert it is on the understanding that it cannot be used in another publication or advertising medium (e.g. website) without the written approval of Boxmoor Direct. A fee will be payable to Boxmoor Direct if an advertiser wishes to re-use an advert/editorial/article/design in this way. 


February 2018 edition: Copy deadline - January 22nd 2018
March 2018 edition: Copy deadline - February 20th 2018
April 2018 edition:  Copy Deadline - March 20th 2018
May 2018 edition: Copy deadline - April 18th 2018
June 2018 edition: Copy deadline - May 21st 2018
July 2018 edition: Copy Deadline - June 19th 2018
August 2018 edition: Copy deadline - July 15th 2018 (As early as possible due to holiday!)
September 2018 edition: Copy deadline - August 20th 2018
October 2018 edition: Copy deadline - September 18th 2018
November 2018 edition: Copy deadline - October 22nd 2018
December 2018 edition: Copy deadline - November 19th 2018
January 2019 edition: Copy deadline - December 19th 2018

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