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News from Mike Penning


Have you ever thought about volunteering?

From February 2017 Edition | Boxmoor Direct

Mike Penning Hemel Hempstead

A part of my job, and a part that I enjoy very much, is meeting local people who are active in our communities. Volunteers make our communities, they make our lives more interesting and provide opportunities that otherwise would not be available. They also help those who need it and in some cases even save lives.
I meet dedicated sportsmen and women who give up their time – week in, week out – to teach their skills to the next generation. All our great local sportsmen and women, including our two Olympic and Paralympic heroes Max Whitlock and Jess Stratton, started out at sports clubs run by volunteers.
Then we have the scouts, guides and similar organisations that do a great job with young people – giving our children opportunities and experiences that they would never get otherwise.
But it is not just the young who benefit from the work of local volunteers. I recently met one of our older residents in Hemel Hempstead who told me how Community Cars made a great difference in his life. Volunteer drivers help him get to and from his weekly shop as well as the doctors’ and social activities. They also become good friends.
Volunteer drivers are making a difference to older peoples’ lives all over Dacorum with the help of Community Action Dacorum’s Community Cars network.
If you can drive, own a car and live in Dacorum why not contact Community Cars on 01442 212888 and offer your service?
Another way to help out is to become a Community First Responder. Community First Responders are volunteers who are trained by, and work with, East Anglia Ambulance Service to attend emergency calls in their local area. Their aim is to reach a potential life threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives. We have several groups in Dacorum, call 0345 601 3733 to see if there is a group you could join and for more information.
Volunteering is a great way to meet local people and help out at the same time.


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