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Box Moor Trust News


From April 2017 Edition | Boxmoor Direct

Box Moor Trust

Spring Babies!
It is the season for new life at the Trust, and there are now lots of spring lambs with their mums in the meadows around Westbrook Hay.* Forty-two breeding ewes produced offspring this year - either singles, twins or (a few) triplets. The lambs are predominantly Ryeland or Charolais crosses, with only around 10 Norfolk Horn lambs being needed to make up numbers in the pedigree flock. The lamb in the photo is a Charolais cross.

Our second photo shows the first Belted Galloway calf of the year, born in the comparative warmth and shelter of the cattle pens at Howes Retreat. This is a male calf, showing off the distinctive white belt that gives the breed its name.

* We would like to take the opportunity to respectfully remind dog walkers to make sure their dogs are kept strictly under control around the livestock. Our leaflet ‘Dogs and the Box Moor Trust’ gives further guidance and is available FOC from the Box Moor Trust Centre, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 2RE.

Gadespring Cress Beds: Access and Open Days
Thanks to the hard work of the Box Moor Trust conservation volunteers and the estate team, we now have water flowing through the channels at the cress beds for the first time in over thirty years! This has been achieved through the clearance of undergrowth and years of sediment build-up in order to manage the site more effectively as a wetland habitat.

Another innovation on the site is the creation of a kingfisher nesting box. The box consists of a series of vertical logs that will then be covered over with a mixture of sand and spoil. The front aspect of the box will be flush with the edge of the scrape and will extend all the way up the bank creating a nice habitat for the kingfishers, which are frequent Gadespring visitors.

The site is open to visit and explore every third Sunday of the month. Come and take a guided tour, learn more about Gadespring’s history as a watercress farm or spend some time birdwatching from the hide. There is plenty of interest for youngsters, too: view samples of creatures found in the water and complete our fun quiz. No need to book - just come along. The bird hide is also now open on some weekdays: alternate Tuesdays, 10.30am-2pm (call 01442 253300 to check dates) and on Thursdays, 10.30am-12.30pm. Gadespring is located in Old Fishery Lane, HH. NB: Please note that there is no parking at this site.

Box Moor Trust Annual Public Meeting:
Thursday 4th May
Another reminder about our annual public meeting on 4th May at the Box Moor Trust Centre, London Road, HH, HP1 2RE. Trustees and staff look forward to talking to you about ongoing and future projects, and to hear your views and ideas. There is an afternoon drop-in session for those who cannot make the evening. The formal part of the meeting will be in the evening; two sessions have been scheduled in to give you options on when you would prefer to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.

1pm-4pm...Drop-in session
4pm-5.30pm...Formal meeting (session 1)
7.30pm-9pm...Formal meeting (session 2)

The Box Moor Trust Centre, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 2RE
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