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From September 2017 Edition | Boxmoor Direct

Bringing Back the Bulbourne

The final phase of the project starts in October 2017. Contractors will be creating ephemeral ponds, also known as scrapes, which are great for wildlife such as wading birds

If you are interested in learning more about the works to improve the River Bulbourne, please join the Box Moor Trust and Environment Agency for a guided walk on Saturday 2nd September starting from 10am on Hardings Moor

Bulbourne map

River Bulbourne
This project is a partnership between the Box Moor Trust, Environment Agency and the Chiltern Chalk Streams Project with support from local volunteers. The works have transformed the River Bulbourne from an over-wide, straight and silty river into a meandering chalk stream with clean gravels and a wide range of habitats to provide home to a rich diversity of wildlife.

The works have restored the natural shape and habitats of the River Bulbourne. Our volunteers have been monitoring the success of the works and the health of the river by sampling the invertebrate population using riverfly methodology. They have already detected an improvement in the number and range of riverfly species in the river. It’s wonderful to see that the restoration work has already had such a positive impact, both on the river itself and on the wildlife that calls the river home.

We have installed fencing to protect the banks of the River Bulbourne from over-grazing and erosion. Whilst grazing can be beneficial, livestock can also have a significant impact on the habitat quality and wildlife of rivers. It is really important we balance the grazing pressure correctly which is why we are using fencing. Please help us to protect the river by remembering to shut gates behind you.
We will also be carrying out a green hay cut from a nearby species-rich donor field to spread on the river banks and bare ground. The seed from the hay will to help establish valuable plant communities along the River Bulbourne.
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